Our History


Joinery Craft & Moulding Limited (JCML) was incorporated in 1987 as Forestville Industries Limited. In 1994, its name was changed to Joinery Craft & Moulding Limited.

Joinery Craft & Moulding Limited (JCML) is a successful timber processing Company located in Owo Local Government Area in Ondo state and Ikom, Cross River State. The factory sources timber from local forests reserves and other market sources and then processes the timber to finished products, primarily parquet for the export market.

Although Nigeria has a high value resource in timber, operating solely in Hard Wood products can be challenging. The Company has however managed to grow its raw material supply, production and market share despite the diverse changes in government and government policies,particularly those laws that regulate the activities of the export industry.  

JCML’s current production is targeted more at the export market; mainly to Europe and other continents through marketing arrangements with an offshore company. However, production for the local market, which is  based primarily on specific request-orders, has increased tremendously within the past two years, especially by introducing products made from waste.

These products include:

  • Saw dust
  • Charcoal
  • Eco wood

The company  has made significant progress in its waste recycling activities, investing in a waste-to-energy system that generates steam to fire the kiln driers. Plans are also underway for a waste-to-energy scheme which will allow the waste generated from our saw milling activities be processed to generate electricity.