Our Products

At JCML, we offer a variety of quality wood-based products, tailored to customer specifications, that meet both personal and commercial needs. We specialize in both finished ready-to-use products as well as products that serve as raw materials for the production of secondary goods.
Every JCML product is made with the finest materials and to the highest standards in quality. That is why our products come with the JCML quality guarantee, a worthwhile investment for our valued customers.

Finished Products

  • Lamparquet

       o  Used for Wood Flooring

  • Tongue & Groove Parquet

       o  Used for Flooring

  • S4S

       o  Four side planed strips  used as lamellas for pre-fab parquet. (export only)

  • Doors & Door Panelling
  • Dowels & Moulding  

       o  for roofing, walls, door panelling and windows

  • Pallets
  • Ceiling Tongue & Groove
  • Charcoal  

       o  Manufactured from Wood Waste i.e waste-to-energy scheme)

Unfinished Products
•    Lumber
      o    Construction Grade  (for local and export)