EcoWood Logs

4Ecological Wood Logs Advantages

Ecological Product:

  • Made from the recycled residues of hardwood manufacturing, these logs are exclusively made up of sawdust and free of glue, wax and paraffin.
  • Ecological Wood Logs result from the recycling of products from the logging industry. The production partakes in the intelligent management of waste.
  • Its high performance yields a clean combustion, no damage to the planet: less tar, less ashes, little emission of pollution... (up to 50% less polluting agents released in the air)
  • The ecological Wood Logs fully contributes as such to the protection of the environment.

High-performance product :
•Its heating capacity is exceptional! Ecological Wood Logs releases three times more heat, which produces approximately 300% more BTU than ordinary wood due to its high compression, its low humidity content and the quality of the dry hardwood used in its manufacturing.

Clean and easy to use:

  • Its cardboard box is ideal for manipulation and storage near the fireplace.
  • Very little ashes
  • Practically creosote free, due to its low humidity content

Practical and versatile:

  • These wood logs can be used in any type of fireplace, wood stove or BBQ. They are safe for cooking.
  • Exceptional flame. Its flame is comparable to that of traditional firewood. Furthermore, the glass of your fireplace remains clean and clear.
  • You benefit from a warm, comforting heat.
  • These wood logs are adapted to your needs.
  • The high compression of ecologic wood logs allow to gain storage space, diminishing the storage volume compared to traditional wood.
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